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Longman are a proudly long-established Somerset farming family who have been making their Vale of Camelot cheeses near Sparkford since the 1800s - farming for nearly 200 years. In the 1930s William Longman had the vision to expand the family business of farmhouse cheese-making through a partnership approach whilst ensuring the established traditions were maintained across all the farms they work with. Now grandfather to the current generation running the business, William Longman was awarded an MBE for Service to Agriculture in 1964. Whilst Longman are perhaps most famous for their cheese, their butter is hand rolled whey cream made from the by-products of cheese making, which makes it a butter like no other.

The cows involved in the production of the milk are all in accredited herds in a dedicated milk pool.  They are grass fed when outside which is for the majority of the year weather dependent. Normally in late Autumn or early winter, just as the rains arrive, cows will come inside and then head out again in the spring as soon as the temperatures come up and the grass is growing. When inside they are free roaming within the barns and have cushioned sleeping cubicles. During the winter they are fed on a mixture of silage (grass that has been cut in the summer) supplemented with maize or beet. Some grain is typically added to the herds' diet as a supplement over winter.  Antibiotics are used to treat the cows but any milk from a cow undergoing treatment is isolated and does not go into food production. Longman’s Farmhouse Salted Butter has won best in show awards and is a double world champion at the International Cheese Awards.

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