La Terra E Il Cielo Italy

Founded in the Marche region of Italy in 1980, La Terra E Il Cielo is one of the first companies to work within the Mediterranean organic agriculture movement. The co-operative, now featuring 100 suppliers, produce a wide range of traditional foods from the Italian countryside: pasta, cereals, flours, puffed spelt, extra virgin olive oil and sauces. Many are award-winning; and with good reason.

The foods are made by hands that care; La Terra E Il Cielo is structured democratically and all goods are produced to strict ecological guidelines. Foods supplied under the group banner can be traced back to the farms they were grown in, and all profits made by the co-operative are put back into social projects and foundations supporting small organic producers. In the groups' 30 year history, its members have worked to diversify the range of goods created this way. This pioneering approach, paired with a steady focus on quality and sustainability, means traditional foods are at the heart of La Terra E Il Cielo supply. Ancient ingredients like spelt, millet, Mondo barley and grass pea, which had once fallen out of use, have refound their place in Mediterranean dishes, earning the group international recognition.

Produce from La Terra E Il Cielo

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