Just Wholefoods Gloucestershire

Founded over two decades ago by committed vegetarians Anne Madden and James White, Just Wholefoods have grown to become a major producer of organic and meat-free foods. These include vegetarian sausage and stuffing mixes, ready-made soups, and even a range of gelatin free sweets.

Set up in reaction to the lack of quality vegetarian alternatives on the market, Just Wholefoods were passionate about their products containing no additional colourings or flavourings. This led the company to take a more active role in organic production methods, with over 80% of the foods sold made to EU organic food production guidelines. This commitment to vegetarian and organic principles is matched by a desire to create delicious meals and snacks that can be enjoyed by everyone. As a result, many of their products have won awards including the Organic Food Awards Confectionery and Snacks Category in both 2000 and 2002, and more recently the Gold prize for VegeBear's ‘Slightly sour’ and ‘Cola koalas’ flavours at the Soil Association Organic Food Awards 2013.

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