Honeyrose Bakery United Kingdom

On the banks of the Grand Union Canal in the wilds of London you will find London's oldest organic bakery, Honeyrose Bakery, where everything is baked by hand, in small batches preserving time-honoured baking skills. Using fine organic ingredients and gluten-free flours, the Master Bakers at this independent, founder-managed bakery are passionate believers in artisan baking as well as the benefits of organic food and farming.   

Honeyrose Bakery fund their own UK registered charity - The Yellow Flower Foundation, where the focus is helping people help themselves in the developing world by building schools and funding community projects. The charity is funded with 5% of the yearly profit.

Founded at the turn of millennium, Honeyrose Bakery has grown into an award-winning bakery producing indulgent, pure and honest sweet and savoury baked treats with exceptional flavours.

Produce from Honeyrose Bakery

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