Herons Green Farm Somerset

In 2004, Luke Hasell took on the legacy of his family’s 100 years of farming in The Chew Valley at the family’s Herons Green Farm overlooking the Chew Valley Lake in Somerset. Since then, Luke has won many accolades. He is a BBC Food and Farming Awards' Outstanding Farmer of the Year finalist, a Soil Association Gold Award winner and National Trust Fine Food award winner. For many years now, Luke has been rearing native bread cattle on organic certified (Organic Farmers & Growers) pasture and following strict organic approaches to ensure the highest welfare of the animals. By allowing his cattle to grow slowly on pasture and then dry ageing the meat the traditional way for 30 days, Heron’s Green Farm beef is flavoursome, marbled and tender - quite unlike anything you can find in a supermarket. All of his beef is 100% pasture-fed. 

Luke explains the secrets behind his success: "We have always believed in the mantra ‘Better for the Animals, Better for Us’. Our cattle are fed only natural grass diets and we keep only traditional breeds like North and South Devon cattle. All of our cattle are free to roam and graze the lush green pastures around Chew Magna and are slaughtered at an ethical abattoir very close to our farm. We aim to be as sustainable as possible, carefully managing our land to enhance the environment for future generations. For example, on the farm there are a huge range of wildlife and plants. Farming in the traditional way brings rich diversity. Our 40 acre forest of native broadleaf trees overlooks the lake which has brought back breeding hares, owls, badgers, partridges, rare bats and many deer.”

Produce from Heron's Green Farm

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