Skoulikas Natural Foods - Hellenic Sun London

In business since 1977, George Skoulikas is a specialist food retailer that supplies some of the finest Mediterranean olive oils to the UK. Under the banner Hellenic Sun, they distribute a superb Greek all-purpose olive oil, distinctive by its earthy flavour and deep green colour.

Based in London, Skoulikas are keen to promote the rich heritage of olive oil produced throughout the Mediterranean. Using the process known as ‘cold extraction,’ their Hellenic Olive Oil is kept at temperatures below 27ºC throughout production to help preserve the rich natural flavours as well as their nutritional value. Along with their passion and dedication to making specialist olive oils, Skoulikas are also committed to organic farming and processing methods. All of their organic products are grown, processed, and labelled according to the statutory control of (EC) regulation 834/07, which oversees such production.

Produce from Skoulikas Natural Foods - Hellenic Sun

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