Haresfield Farm Wiltshire

Andrew Jackson, the owner of Haresfield Farm, became interested in organic farming during the time he spent in Australia. When he returned to the UK he decided to study a degree in Organic Farming at Aberystwyth University that he completed successfully (with a 1st!). He worked for some time in agriculture but eventually started his own organic egg business in a field that he rented in Herefordshire. At first, he was living under canvas on site to be close to his first flock of 2,000 hens. As the business gradually grew, Andrew made improvements and in 2006 he got 60 acres in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside which now is Haresfield Farm.

For Andrew, there is nothing more important than the health and welfare of his hens, besides following his beliefs in the benefits of organic farming. He makes sure that every aspect of his farm is managed in a sustainable way. Andrew says that he chooses organic farming because “It’s the closest way to farm in line with the ethos of backyard chickens. It’s also a clever way to farm as the system is designed to work without the need to medicate birds, and to ensure the best tasting eggs with higher omega 3 content.”

Produce from Haresfield Farm

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