Green & Black's Bath

Named after their green ethos and the dark, intense colouring of their chocolate, the seeds for Green & Blacks were planted in 1991 by the team behind organic pioneers Whole Earth. Buying supplies of Trinitario cocoa from smallholders in Belize, Craig Sams and Josephine Fairley sold their first bar of Mayan Gold in 1994.

They haven't looked back since. Still buying their cocoa from the Toledo Cacao Growers’ Association, Green & Blacks work to ensure cocoa growers in Belize benefit directly from the rise in cocoa prices. They also work closely with growers and farming associations in the Dominican Republic to improve farming practices in the area, thereby securing the growers' business against future challenges. There's more to the company than great ethics, however. Run by professed chocoholics, Green & Blacks produce a mouthwatering variety of flavours from Blood Orange dark to 70% espresso chocolate.

Produce from Green & Black's

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