Godminster Somerset

Richard Hollingbery and his family established Godminster Farm in 1996 and gained organic certification in 1999. Their cheddar cheese has won multiple gold awards and blind taste tests since then. More recently, Godminster’s focus has expanded from simply a dairy farm, towards creating a selection of organic raw ingredients, each full of what they call “gracious goodness”. These ingredients, in turn, are lovingly prepared into Godminster’s vintage goodies.

Creating and restoring natural habitats and reintroducing native species to replenish the ecosystem on the farm have been central to Godminster’s drive for self-sufficiency. So, we asked the folk at Godminster to describe the essence of living and working on the farm… “Life at Godminster is governed by a healthy respect for tradition and an enterprising spirit of innovation. We like to think that we’re bringing tradition up to date - both in how we farm and what we produce. We are creating a self-sustaining environment where nature regenerates and flourishes. We successfully avoid the detrimental effects of artificial, intensive farming that can result in the erosion of delicate ecosystems. And our Vintage Goodies? Everything starts in our kitchen. Using our finest homegrown ingredients as a starting point, we experiment with traditional recipes, hoping to create unique taste sensations with our unconventional approach.”

Produce from Godminster

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