GingerBeard's Preserves Bristol

GingerBeard’s Preserves is a company based in Montpelier, Bristol. GingerBeard's Preserves are all about making awesome tasting craft preserves. Everything is homemade in small batches to ensure quality, using no artificial preservatives, pectins or gelling agents. They offer three ranges of preserves; the Traditional Range is inspired by recipes worldwide and all have their own little original GingerBeard’s Preserves twist. The Craft Range uses beer or cider in the cooking process sourced from some of their favourite craft breweries, and their Seasonal Range includes a variety of products which come and go with the seasons like fruit jams, new collaborations or pickles.

In their first year of trading they won the following awards: Moor Amoor Chipotle Ketchup – Taste of the West Gold Award; Ultimate Stout BBQ Sauce – Taste of the West Highly Commended; Chocolate Stout Plum Chipotle Jam – Great Taste 1 star. They love playing around with different ingredients to create something a little more out of the ordinary with great taste and flavour.

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