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Frank Water are a bottled-water supplier with a twist. They donate 100% of their net profits from every bottle they sell to fund clean water projects in developing countries; a scheme they call 'water for water'.

Frank was founded in 2005, after award-winning entrepreneur Katie Alcott fell ill after drinking contaminated water while working in India. Shocked by the scale of waterborne illness internationally, Katie resolved to make a difference to an issue that claims the lives of 4000 children every day. Managed by a small team of researchers and field-workers based in Bristol, Frank works with communities across India to build sustainable water supply solutions. The team works for the long-haul; instead of digging wells, they counter biological and chemical contamination using UV and reverse osmosis technologies to build pumping and filtration systems that will work long into the future. The team now have 116 projects under their belt in India, which they test regularly and revisit twice-yearly.

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