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Farm Wilder is a social enterprise that promotes food from Britain’s most wildlife friendly and sustainable farms, with the aim of reversing the decline of animals like cuckoos, hedgehogs, bees and butterflies, which have crashed by as much as 95% over the last 60 years.

Farm Wilder produce two types of beef, both from Devon: Fritillary Butterfly Beef from farms with Marsh Fritillary butterflies, and Cuckoo Beef, from farms with Cuckoos.  Our farmers work with conservation charities including Butterfly Conservation, RSPB, FWAG and Devon Wildlife Trust to enhance the habitat these and other endangered species need. Read more about this in Tim's blog.

This beef is sustainably reared - our farms are either 100% Pasture for Life certified or are in transition to it. This brilliant system results in more nutritious meat produced with a lower carbon footprint, healthier soils, higher biodiversity and no need for artificial fertilizers.  We use native cattle breeds including Belted Galloway, Welsh Black, Highland, South Devon & North Devon Ruby Red.  They thrive on the poorer pastures that are richer in wildflowers, and they produce a tastier meat than modern fast-growing breeds. The majority of their lives are spent grazing the upland pastures that are home to Marsh Fritillaries and Cuckoos, then for the last few months some move to lowland finishing farms with a diverse range of herbs and grasses. 

We asked Tim Martin, former BBC Wildlife Executive Producer, and the founder of Farm Wilder to tell us more about the provenance of the Farm Wilder Beef: “Our meat is lovingly reared in Devon to world-leading sustainability standards, which means that farmers work in harmony with the land. It’s better for you, better for wildlife and better for the Planet."

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