Faith in Nature Manchester

When Faith in Nature was founded in Edinburgh 40 years ago, nobody was talking about ‘green’ cosmetics; they weren’t fashionable or mainstream. Quite simply, Faith in Nature aimed to harness the healing powers of nature and each plant was and is still chosen for its healing qualities, resulting in products that work just as nature intended. They believe in doing good, for their customers, their business and the planet. They manufacture in Britain, supporting the local community and keeping international logistics to a planet-friendly minimum. Products that they are not able to find in the UK are ethically-sourced and fairly-traded.

Why do you keep doing what you do? “Because there’s always more to learn, and because it’s not just us who believe in it; our customers do too. Together, we can keep pushing and striving for a better way of living, a way in which we all show our faith in nature. All it takes is a glance outside to see the wonder that is our planet and a moment watching the news to realise how vital it is that we protect it.”

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