Dunleavy Vineyards Bristol

Combining passion, sustainable agricultural practices and the latest grape growing techniques, Dunleavy Vineyards produce fantastic rosé wine using their Pinot noir and Seyval grapes. Located in the heart of the beautiful Wrington Vale in Somerset, just outside Bristol, Dunleavy Vineyards were first planted in 2008 by owner and manager Ingrid Bates. One of the youngest vineyard owners in the UK, Ingrid began her viticultural career over 10 years ago when she took up a job maintaining a local vineyard.

Having found her true vocation she planned and saved for her own vineyard which was planted just a few weeks before the birth of her first child. A few years down the line, and after much hard work, Dunleavy Vineyards released its first wine in 2013. The wine sold out in three days. The subsequent Pinot noir releases have proved to be just as popular winning ‘Best Local Wine’ at the Bristol Good Food Awards two years in a row, a bronze at the International Wine Challenge and countless smaller awards to boot.

Produce from Dunleavy Vineyards

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