Denhay Dorset

Denhay was founded by two farming families – the Hoods and the Streatfeilds in Dorset’s Marshwood Vale in 1952. The mild climate of the Marshwood Vale, three miles from the sea immediately inland from Lyme Bay was for many years where their own pigs roamed free outdoors. With changes in environmental requirements as well as consumer preferences for outdoor reared pork, Denhay closed their piggeries. Having developed an award winning curing technique they continue produce Denhay Dry Cured Bacon using pork from outdoor reared British herds.

As a farming and food business, Denhay focused entirely on producing high quality dairy and pork foods. Denhay is accredited by the RSPCA Freedom Foods mark and are members of both LEAF and FWAG. Although Denhay still farm in Dorset, all their bacon is now produced in their factory in Honiton, Devon.

Produce from Denhay

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