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For every cloud there’s a silver lining, or in this case a creamy yellowy cheesy lining. We owe Cornish Gouda to terrible milk prices. This is the story of a Dutch family who had been producing milk on a small dairy farm in Cornwall, a place they had been since 1998. In 2012, however, the ever declining milk prices saw the business critically close to closure. It was only when Joost and Annemarie Spierings’ 19 year-old son, Giel, came home from college to a ‘for sale’ sign on his family home that their fortunes began to turn around.

Determined to save the farm, Giel decided to diversify – into cheese. Using the milk from his parents’ pedigree cows he began to make Cornish Gouda, a hard mature cheese that is aged for 10-12 months. To say it’s been a roaring success is an understatement. Since then, the cheese has scooped the Best New Product Award at the Royal Cornwall Show in 2013 and was crowned winner at the Great British Cheese Awards in 2016. Giel himself also won Ignite, Europe’s largest start-up competition, and is crowdfunding to be able to expand the cheese making operations, and enable him to buy all of the farm’s milk at a fair price.

What you may not know:

Around 50 to 60 percent of all cheese consumed is Gouda – it’s one of the most popular cheeses, worldwide.


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