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Cookpad provides a free recipe-sharing platform open to everybody, worldwide. Founder, Aki Sano, launched the platform in 1998 in Japan with a mission to help people foster positive social and family connections, a healthier lifestyle, and local food sustainability. Since then, Cookpad has grown exponentially, such that 50% of Japan actively engages with the app or site every week. In 2014, Cookpad launched internationally. It now boasts over 2.5 million homemade recipes available in Japanese, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Indonesian, Arabic and Vietnamese. Cookpad UK is available on the web and as an app – we recommend you search for "Cookpad UK" and sign up for free.

The recipes displayed here are by fresh-range unless otherwise specified.

We asked Aki what the secret of Cookpad’s success is: “Our mission at Cookpad is very simple - to improve people’s lives by making every day cooking more fun and easily accessible. We offer “cookable” recipes with photos and step-by-step instructions to give people confidence to make them at home. Every recipe posted on Cookpad has been made by a Cookpad recipe user in his or her own kitchen allowing all users to interact, ask questions, and provide feedback. We are happy to bring Cookpad recipes to you through our involvement with fresh-range.”

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