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Clearspring is an award-winning supplier of authentic Japanese, macrobiotic and organic foods. Established in the 1980s to bring organic foods back into kitchens, Clearspring has since grown to become a leading force behind the popularisation of Japanese cuisine in Europe under the care of chief executive, Christopher Dawson.

Before joining Clearspring in 1993, Christopher travelled across the globe studying organic farming practices and vegetarian nutrition, before settling in Japan in 1979. There he worked with the largest supplier of traditional foods in the country to popularise Japanese specialities on the world stage. Christopher's work eventually brought him back to the UK, where he bought an ethical wholesale company to trade sea vegetables, noodles and other Japanese foods. Since then, Clearspring has expanded to provide an enviable and increasingly European selection of healthy, organic foods. These include cold-pressed oils, fruit spreads and condiments, all of which are 'born-free’; unrefined and sustainably-produced.

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