Casa Silva Spain

In 1892 Emilio Bouchon stepped onto Chilean soil and started to make a new life and nurture a new Chilean vineyard, using his expert knowledge from his home in Bordeaux. The vineyard is still growing today and since that day has become the most awarded Chilean winery of the 12st Century.

Five generations down the line; it is now run by Mario Pablo Silva and Mario Geisse, who have truly taken the reigns of the estate and pushed their wine making to another level. In 2013 Casa Silva was awarded Winery of the Year by the Association of Chilean Wine and Wines of Chile, and Mario Geisse himself has scooped the Outstanding Wine Career award. Mario’s journey is not simply in wine making, he is at the forefront of research into Chilean viticulture, having pioneered new regions in Chile. He continues to strive to understand, develop and lead a wine movement that we are firmly behind

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