Bruton Dairy Somerset

Bruton Dairy bottle organic pasteurised cows milk of the very highest standard daily from the dairy at The Old Piggery just outside Bruton in Somerset. Sourcing milk from the herd at Godminster Organic Farm - the famous cheese producers - Paul Portch bottles every one of their milks and creams by hand at the dairy and ship fresh each day into small restaurants, cafes and a few lucky retailers like us. Bruton Dairy also stock goats milk which does not have organic certification.

We asked Paul what makes the milk so special and why so many of our customers just can't live without it once they've tasted it. “Our cows milk is local and organic - certified by the Organic Farmers & Growers. The fact we source the milk from a farm with impeccable credentials that is just up the road, bottle it immediately by hand with a minimum of processing (it's unhomogenised) and then deliver it to our customers means the food miles and time it takes from cow to bottle to customer is pretty much as short as can be.”

Produce from Bruton Dairy

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