Bath Farm Girls Bath

Emily Addicott-Sauvao has lived and worked on the farm just outside Bath for most of her life. Along with more conventional crops, Emily persuaded her father Gerald - AKA Top Bloke and Chief Grower - to start growing quinoa on some of the fields in Corston. Whilst the farm is not certified organic, the growing team are passionate about ensuring no pesticides are used in quinoa production.

Emily has drawn inspiration from her daughter Rosa who has recently been diagnosed as gluten-intolerant. Quinoa proved to be a tasty and nutritious alternative to other grains for her. In 2013 she ran a trial plot of quinoa which was successful and from there 'Bath Farm Girls' (Bath Farm Girls being Emily and her two infant daughters Rosa and Charlotte!) was launched in spring 2016. 

We asked Emily what makes the Bath Farm Girls' approach unique: "Unlike many of the imported quinoa which is polished to give a superficial whiteness, we have chosen to leave the nutritious outer layer on to make it a truly wholegrain product. This gives our quinoa a distinctive colour and flavour that you simply don't find widely available in supermarkets. What's more, this is a truly local product grown right here on the outskirts of Bath."

Produce from Bath Farm Girls

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