Aspall Suffolk

The Chevallier family have been brewing their famous cyder at Aspall Hall in Suffolk since 1728. Once a parish with its own school, Aspall is now a sleepy hamlet surrounding the fifteenth-century hall and moat. That leaves plenty of room for growing and pressing apples into award-winning, organically-farmed drinks and vinegars.

Barry and Henry Chevallier-Guild took charge of the Aspall family business in 1993, reformulating the brewery's output and relaunching the brand to critical acclaim in 2000. The rebrand didn’t extend to the flavour however, and the brewing process has changed little in 280 years; Aspall’s Draught Cyder tastes just as it did when brewed by founder Clement Chevallier in the eighteenth-century. Modern techniques are only used where a marked improvement can be made to drink quality. Aspall cyders bring new meaning to the phrase 'responsible drinking’. Peronelle Chevallier was a founding member of the Soil Association in 1946, and Aspall's have been using a mix of bittersweet and culinary apples from their organic orchards ever since. Try the family's Imperial Cyder for a deep, rich taste, Organic for something bittersweet, or Harry Sparrow for something fruitier.

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