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Based in the Cotswolds, Aqua Oleum’s heritage spans over thirty years and three generations, founded on expert family knowledge of essential oils. It was one of the first aromatherapy companies in the UK and has remained an innovative pioneer in this field. As well as supplying a large range of top quality oils at fair prices, Aqua Oleum provides an in-depth aromatherapy consultancy service. All of the oils are selected for their properties by Julia Lawless, an internationally-recognised authority on aromatherapy and author of the best-selling book ‘The Encyclopaedia of Essential Oils’. Julia has gained a reputation for making this complex subject accessible and easy to understand.

What are Aqua Oleum’s key beliefs? “Our philosophy at Aqua Oleum is based on a profound respect for nature and the planet on which we live. We strive to provide our customers not only with the best quality products for their overall wellbeing, but also to support the social and natural environment in which we live. All our essential oils are sourced with the greatest respect to their natural habitat and possible ecological impact. We also ensure that our packaging, production and distribution are carried out with respect to the environment, using the highest percentage of recyclable and recycled materials as possible.”

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