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Freshly produced, award winning, locally sourced

Food is sourced directly from award winning producers in Somerset and Gloucestershire, meaning low food miles and no need for days or weeks of haulage and storage. Most of the food is baked, caught, cooked, cut, laid, picked or produced just before being delivered to your door. Better tasting food, richer nutritional value.

Exceptional foods

Choose from a range of unique, artisan products as well as everyday essentials. Buy unhomogenised milk, goat milk butter, ewes cheese, rare breed meats, day-boat caught fish, locally baked artisan bread and chef-prepared ready meals. Select organic, gluten free, vegan and GM-free foods to cater for all diets easily too.

Lower prices that are fair

Fewer food miles and less physical storage means you can save money on your shopping. Many products cost less than they do in the supermarket because we cut out the middle men. This also means that the producers get a fairer deal and earn a higher percentage of the retail price.