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We use sustainable, compostable and recyclable packaging.

Inner packaging

We minimise plastic packaging use by supplying loose produce when sensible. However, delicate foods such as strawberries and other soft fruits are packaged in recyclable punnets. Foods with a high water content such as leaves (lettuce, greens, herbs) are kept crisp with the use of plastic because this helps preserve them from farm to your kitchen and so that they store well in your fridge. We also use plastic packaging for some dairy, meat and fish. We continually review viable alternatives to plastic for all food packaging.

Outer packaging

Our chilled foods are delivered in reusable crates within temperature controlled vehicles for catering chefs or recyclable cardboard boxes with ice and wool lining for home delivery. We use British sheep’s wool that farmers otherwise struggle to find a market for. It’s an efficient insulator and sustainable way to ensure your food remains at correct temperature following our delivery to your chosen safe place until you return home. Customers can return packaging to us (see below) or compost the wool within the liner.

We source our packaging with care

As much as 30% of global green house gas emissions are generated by food. Packaging is a critical contributor to ensuring the carbon footprint of your delivery is minimised. Our packaging needs to be effective at maintaining temperature and appropriate moisture levels during delivery. We always try to use a minimal amount of plastics and source compostable and recyclable materials wherever possible. We also consider the storage implications for you once the product arrives in your kitchen. Food waste is a major contributor to the carbon footprint of food globally - spoilage has a high environmental cost. So, we balance our packaging decisions to ensure your produce arrives to you in optimum condition and you can store it effectively.

Return your packaging to us

You can help our efforts to create a circular economy by returning the wool insulation and ice packs to us for reuse. We offer a free returns service through CollectPlus. Pop at least 8 items (any less is not sufficiently environmentally and financially sustainable) into our box. Create and print off your label here. Then drop the box off at one of the over 7000 CollectPlus stores - you can find your nearest here. This will allow us to ensure maximum reuse of our materials with minimal impact on the environment.

We cannot accept returns of any other packaging materials so please only return wool insulation and ice packs.