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We use sustainable, biodegradable and recyclable packaging.

Inner packaging

Delicate foods such as strawberries and other soft fruits are packaged in re-usable and recyclable plastic punnets or bags to ensure they arrive in good condition. Foods with a high water content like lettuce and greens are kept crisp with the use of plastic bags, while other foods are packaged in vacuum-packed plastic so they store better in your fridge.

Outer packaging

Our chilled foods come packed in recyclable outer cardboard packaging insulated with Woolcool lining. This is British sheep's wool that farmers otherwise struggle to find a market for. It's an efficient and sustainable way to ensure your food stays at the right temperature even when you're out all day. Plus, it's easier to clean, reuse and recycle than other forms of insulated packaging.

We insist on reusing outer packaging

We use sustainable outer packaging with a view to reusing and recycling it up to six times. This is one of the ways we keep our delivery prices and carbon footprint so low. It helps us when you fold up the cardboard boxes and wool liners and place them where you have asked us to leave your food on the day of your next delivery.

Our delivery driver takes them away for cleaning, reuse and recycling.Our boxes, wool linings and ice packs are available for sale at £6 per set. Please contact us if you wish to purchase.

Leave out on the day of delivery

  • Boxes (folded please)
  • Other card
  • Woolcool liners & ice packs
  • Plastic bags & punnets

For your recycling

  • Plastic & glass bottles

For recycling or compost

  • Paper bags