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We believe seasonal, fresh food should be available to all, at an accessible price

Many people's food budgets are already being squeezed and food prices are second only to energy and fuel prices in terms of economic issues that most concern people.(Which? Quarterly Consumer Report, February 2013)

Our values

to serve all customers

We believe seasonal, fresh food should be available at an accessible price to all, regardless of social demographic or geographic differences. Our mission is to serve more customers with high quality, healthy food at fair prices for both customers and producers. We work to serve customers with their food shopping throughout our target areas.

reinventing food shopping

We believe producing and consuming good, fresh food is important. We believe in continuously improving the food shopping experience for customers and producers. We work to sustainably eliminate food waste, reduce carbon emissions, supply higher welfare meat and responsibly sourced fish plus support efforts to increase biodiversity on agricultural land within and around our urban areas.

transparency and trust

We believe that communicating information openly and transparently creates an environment of trust. A flow of open information helps to achieve an equilibrium point in demand and supply where both producers and customers enjoy a fair price. We believe in connecting people with their food enabling customers to select locally produced food with social and economic benefits. We work to provide helpful information that serves producers and customers.

doing the right thing

We believe in doing the right thing - always. We believe that food producers deserve to earn the majority of the retail price of food. We believe that increasing the supply of local food will provide food security at a price point that is affordable to more customers. We believe in financial fair play. We believe in cooperation over competition in principle. We aim to increase the production of local food by whenever possible working with existing independent food businesses.

Our purpose

Happy customers, producers, partners and employees Exceptional shopping experiences with local, fresh, seasonal food. Food security for generations to come.