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Why buy food from us?

Freshly picked, high quality, lower priced produce delivered to your door.

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High animal welfare

We source from farmers with the highest animal welfare standards including the Soil Association and/or RSPCA Freedom Foods requirements... Read more

Responsibly sourced fish

We buy from small day-boat fishermen in local ports. This means fish can be caught and landed on the same day... Read more

Low prices that are fair

Because we cut out the middle men, reduce food miles and rely upon less physical storage, we pay our producers a higher percentage of the retail price. They get a fairer deal, you get a better price... Read more

Sustainable packaging

We use sustainable, biodegradable and recyclable packaging. We insist on reusing all outer packaging up to six times... Read more

The producers

Award winning, artisan farmers and producers from Somerset and Gloucestershire.

The South West is one of the finest places to live when it comes to food. Fresh fish is landed daily on the coast, rare and local breeds roam the land, vegetables grow in abundance and artisan producers are on our doorstep.

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Not 100% happy? We will refund your money - no quibbles.